The banking industry has recently witnessed the rollout of innovative banking models like payments and small finance banks. Banks currently operate in an elevated, always-on situation as a result of unrelenting technology progress and constantly changing regulatory constraints. A profitable approach constantly necessitates the deep integration of digital and physical media as digital banking develop and customer tastes change.


With the importance of digital payments and bank accounts growing in India, there is much need for employees in these sectors. Though banks may be going for automation in various departments, there are still opportunities in this sector as they expand the operations to the villages. With the launch of new products banks also need more people in the marketing departments. It is an exciting field to work and there is much scope for high earnings. Having a good database of candidates with the relevant qualifications we can help the companies in this sector get good talent to work for them.


This involves embracing variety, fairness, and integration while forming teams and working with a vital area of leading global reports highlight. Together with our executive networking, specialized tools, and alliances, we are in an amazing position to meet the most difficult difficulties. Utilizing the knowledge gained through 1,000 initiatives in the grocery, fashion, premium, restaurant, tourism, speciality, and other categories, we give you specialised approaches to take advantage of both the challenges and opportunities of the present and the future.


Approximately 55% of all internet connections were made in metropolitan areas, and 97% of those connections were wireless. There will likely be many smartphones in use worldwide, which has also seen substantial growth. This has aided India’s digital sector, which is anticipated to grow in India. India’s e-commerce market has expanded thanks to the country’s significant expansion in internet users and smartphone use, as well as rising earnings. The e-commerce industry in India has completely changed the way that business is conducted there and has created new opportunities for business-to-business (B2B), direct-to-consumer (D2C).


This serves as the mandate for the sector’s leadership, who have the arduous task of inventing in the face of rising volatility and uncertainty. We can assist you in rethinking how your business can succeed no matter what happens as your trusted counsel. We assist insurance firms all over the world in leveraging new digital capabilities, enhancing client retention, and using data to gain a competitive edge. Our insurance experts assist all categories of insurers including reinsurers, life, health, and property and casualty to become more nimble and adjust to shifting insurance markets.


The research and testing phases of numerous new pharmaceuticals have been affected by technology improvements, which have also disrupted earlier methods and unveiled innovations that have led to new economic prospects and an evolving business model. Small and medium-sized businesses, which are nimble and expanding quickly, are fiercely competing for market share, which supports the industry’s shift of pace. Finding trustworthy personnel that can foster creativity and contribute to the profitability of the business through innovation is essential in the industry’s ever changing environment.


Healthcare has become one of India’s largest sectors, both in terms of revenue and employment. Healthcare comprises hospitals, medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment. Our healthcare staffing experience is based on a thorough awareness of every component all throughout value stream, including insurers, drug manufacturers, and producers, to patients and clinicians. The Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace due to its strengthening coverage, services, and increasing expenditure by public as well private players.


In addition to airports, Manufacturers, carriers, and other significant stakeholders in the aviation ecosystem, we provide service to seven of the top 10 network carriers and six of the top twenty low-cost carriers. Including strategy, network planning, airline operations, pricing and revenue management, sales and distribution, personalization and airline loyalty, MRO, people and organisation, electronic and travel innovations, and sustainability, our airline consulting teams combine expertise in all facets of the airline industry.


At numerous telecommunications companies, external change is taking place more quickly than internal change. The companies with the highest shareholder returns are tower companies, not telcos. Fast, international, and technological spellcasters are rapidly and widely launching novel services. Making decisions about infrastructure investment now involves more vendors, options, and uncertainty due to new technologies like software-defined networking and virtualization. Telcos must adapt as the telecoms sector goes through significant change. This entails adopting end-to-end digitization, applying revolutionary enablers like machine learning and agile working methods, and adopting novel, even audacious, approaches to networking efficiency.

Media & Communication

Most media and communication degrees accept applicants from a variety of different academic backgrounds. You will, however, be required to demonstrate good grades at your previous study level, alongside a passion for media and communication. You may be asked to attend an interview (in person or via phone/Skype) and to submit an application essay, explaining your motivations, any relevant skills and experience, and your ambitions for the future. You’ll also need to be proficient in the language of tuition, which may mean submitting results of a relevant language test.